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**Last Updated: May 25, 2017**

**The photo above is of our beautiful, hand painted, farm sign that a lady from Pennsylvania painted for us (click here to visit her site). The goats in the painting/sign are of our actual goats (Boots, Bluebell, & Tutti Frutti) & it looks just like them! We sent her photos of our goats to paint & she did a wonderful job capturing them. She also painted some Lily flowers at the bottom of the sign to match the lilies growing in our yard.**


Hi and welcome to our site! Our names are Lisa, Ricky, and Brittany Deshotel and we are the proud owners of Boot's Fainting Farm. We are a small, family owned farm located just outside of Ville Platte, Louisiana -- between Alexandria and Lafayette. We raise and sell pure bred, registered Myotonic "Fainting" goats. Myotonic goats are known by many different names including fainting goats, stiff leg goats, nervous goats, ect., but most people call them "fainting goats". Myotonia Congenita is a hereditary condition that causes prolonged muscle contractions when the animal gets startled or excited... which causes them to lose balance & fall over. These goats don't actually "faint" and become unconscious, they just stiffen and sometimes fall over when they are unexpectedly startled. It causes them no harm & it does not hurt them in any way. They will get up almost immediately after falling down. We raised Boer goats for over 17 years (we sold out of them so we could focus on our fainting goats) and we have been raising Fainting goats since September 30, 2011. We are proud to offer some of the best Myotonic bloodlines available. Our bloodlines include Woody Creek Farm in Tennessee, Coyote Creek Ranch (now known as Thunder Bay Ranch) in Florida, & HALR/Autry Farms in Tennessee. We raise strictly black & white Myotonic goats as this is our favorite color. There is just something breath taking about a black & white goat. All fainting kids sold will be registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry. All goats will be sold as pets, breeders, and/or for show only. None of our goats will be sold for meat production. Visit our Facebook page to see more photos of our goats!

How our fainting herd got started:

We saw our very first fainting goat a few years ago & have been wanting to get some ever since! We actually thought about getting into them a while back, but we knew we would have needed to make a separate pasture from our Boer goats & we weren't ready for that yet so we decided not to. That is, until Lisa's friend Tammy, gave us Boots! Boots was Tammy's daughters pet goat that she no longer wanted. Tammy saw Boots "faint" one day & she thought something was wrong with her! lol This was before she even knew what a fainting goat was. They wanted to give Boots to a good home. They knew that we had other goats & would take good care of her. We were so excited to finally be able to get a fainting goat!! It's funny how things work out sometimes. We had decided not to get any, but it happened anyway. I guess it was meant to be! Once we got Boots we just fell in love with her! We knew we couldn't put her in with our Boers so we had her alone in a small fenced in area, but that did not work! She needed other goats to keep her company so she wouldn't pace up & down the fence. That's when we decided to just go ahead & make another pasture & start raising them. Once we got the fence & barn up we began looking around for local breeders. We came across a man in Moss Bluff, LA (Hickory Branch Farm) who bought many of Myron Johnson (Coyote Creek Ranch)'s goats in Florida. Many of Myron?s foundation goats came from David Autry?s HALR (Autry Farms) herd in Tennessee, which traced these goats back to the originals in Marshal County, TN. Mr. Ray had several young fainting goats for sale so we bought a trio from him, 1 buck & 2 does. We then joined the MGR & got all of our goats registered. We named our goat farm "Boot's Fainting Farm" in honor of our first fainting goat, Boots! On Valentine's Day 2012, Boot's gave birth to our very first Myotonic baby! We named her "Valentine". After a year of raising fainting goats, we decided to expand our herd so we went buy 3 more breeding age does from Mr. Ray. We also bought several does from a different bloodline (Woody Creek Farm in TN) from Mr. Gregory of "Moonshine Myotonics" in Ville Platte, LA. After 2 1/2 years, we decided to sell out of the Boer goats so we could focus on our fainting herd. Now we raise strictly registered Myotonic "Fainting" goats. So that pretty much wraps up how we got started! I hope you enjoyed reading this & if you have any questions or see something you are interested in feel free to contact us!
Check out our "New Kids" page to see all of our new babies. We will be updating this site every week so check back often for updates!
Thank you for stopping by! Please take your time to look through our website. Feel free to email us with any questions or if you'd like to let us know how your goats are doing. We love hearing from fellow animal lovers and people who have purchased animals from us. We hope that you enjoy your visit and we look forward to hearing from you!
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In loving memory of Gigi Marie Deshotel "Our Lil' Baby".

We will always love & miss you.

*Rest In Peace*

November 4, 2000 ~ October 10, 2012

We are a proud member of the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR):
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